Logo SWTI + DynamoWelcome to the Street work Training Institute moodle platform. SwTI invites everyone who is interested in the Social Street Work methodology to register, so as to have free access to our OER - Open Educational Resource. The OER allows everyone who is registered to have access to and download pedagogic material on the proposed topics: articles, books, movies, videos, etc. Four issues connected to the Social Street Work methodology will be launched in the OER throughout 2016. Your participation in the OER can be certified. Register and find out how.

- The SwTI team: Helder Luiz Santos  -  Olivier Pourbaix  -  Pierre Van den Bril

    Available courses

    Social Street Work _ Basics

    Advocacy for Social Street Work 

    The Faces of social street work: Group Action _ Community Action - Individual accompaniment.

    Social Street Work _ Human Rights approach